Seminars on Irish Studies

Seminars on Irish Studies — Certificate of partipation will be issued.





Dra. Pilar Villar-Argáiz




Guest speakers:

Jody Allen-Randolph (Santa Barbara, California)

Mary O’Donnell (Irish writer)



– Venue: Seminario Neil McClaren; Facultad de Filosofía y Letras –



There are 15 vacant places

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14 December (Tuesday)

13-14.30 pm



                          General lecture on Irish poetry

                         Invited Prof. Jody Allen-Randolph


15 December (Wednesday)

9-12 pm



                              Seminar on Irish poetry

                        Invited Prof. Jody Allen-Randolph



17 December (Friday)

12-15 pm



                              Seminar on Irish poetry

                       (Invited Prof. Jody Allen-Randolph)



10 January (Monday)

17.30-20.30 pm



“Local Ireland, Global Ireland: Negotiating the Journey Between the Two”

                       Invited Irish writer Mary O’Donnell



12 January (Wednesday)

12-15 pm


 “A General Overview of the Poetry and Fiction of Mary O’Donnell”

                      Invited Irish writer Mary O’Donnell








VISIT BY JODY ALLEN-RANDOLPH: General Topic: Irish Poetry 1970-1975


14 December (13-14,30 pm)

15 December (9-12  pm)

17 December (12-15 pm)


Lecture Topic: 1970-1975—Searching for an Image.

                This lecture will take as its frame in the half decade between 1970-1975, at the dawn of the Troubles, when violence in Ireland was fresh, demanding, and destabilizing to previous lyric strategies. Poems written during these years by a young generation of poets—Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon and Eavan Boland—constantly adjusted and recalibrated Irish poetry in a search for strategies for handling violence in terms of language. In the space of five years Irish poetry was reaching for a new subject matter, using the old arts of image and language to encompass new visual inventories and vocabularies. Gender and gendered violence began to appear in the poems of this period as a category of destabilization in the effort to make sense of the toxic images that were entering the culture through public violence. What were those images?  And what were the imaginative confusions and strategies that attended them?  By setting key poems in their specific historical and aesthetic contexts, this lecture will develop detail around the central poems and images from one of the richest periods of change in Irish poetry.


Seminars:  Both seminars will build on the topic opened by the lecture.  The first seminar will look at the prescient poems leading up to the Troubles, poems which identified and explored stresses in the culture and in poetic imagination, before taking a closer look at early key poems from the beginning of the Troubles.  The second seminar will continue with later poems from this period, exploring how the imaginative strategies developed in those poems gradually began to disintegrate under pressure from the material.  Particular focus will be given to the treatment of gender both in the development of strategies to write poems equal to their moment, and in the move away from those strategies by the mid 1970s.




10 January (17:30-20.30 pm): “Local Ireland, Global Ireland: Negotiating the Journey Between the Two, in Poetry and Fiction”

12 January (12-15 pm): “The New Repressions: Secular Ireland, Prosperous Times, and how Repressions Changed during the Noughties. A General Overview of the Poetry and/or Short Fiction of Mary O’Donnell”


In these two seminars, prestigious Irish writer Mary O’Donnell will talk about her work and will discuss relevant aspects such as the relationship between nationalism and gender, the subversion of traditional myths and the marginalization and repression of female writers by the patriarchal literary tradition and by the Irish male literary establishment. She will also focus on the current multicultural context of 21st century Ireland.



CURRÍCULUM (para más información véase


Prestigiosa investigadora americana en el área de los estudios irlandeses; voz crítica indispensable hoy en día a la hora de abordar la poesía irlandesa contemporánea. Ha trabajado muy estrechamente con escritores irlandeses de la talla de Eavan Boland, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Paul Muldoon y Paula Meehan.



Eavan Boland: A Sourcebook. Carcanet Press, 2007. (awarded a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation and was selected for the London Independent Best Books of 2007)

Eavan Boland: A Critical Companion. W. W. Norton, 2008.

Close to the Next Moment: Interviews from a Changing Ireland. Carcanet, 2010. 

In progress or forthcoming: Our Strange Human Duty: Irish Poetry and the Environment (2011), The Journey: The Poetry and Prose of Eavan Boland (Bucknell UP 2012), Michael Longley:  A Critical Companion (Wake Forest UP 2013) and Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill:  A Critical Companion (Wake Forest UP 2014).


Guest Editor

      Editor, Journal of Ecocriticism Special Issue on Irish Literature. In Progress.

      Editor, An Sionnach Special Issue on Paula Meehan. Fall 2009

      Co-editor with Douglas Archibald, Colby Quarterly Review: Special Issue on Michael Longley September 2003.

      Editor, Colby Quarterly Review: Special Issue on Eavan Boland December 1999.

      Co-editor with Brian Donnelly, Irish University Review: Special Issue on Derek Mahon Spring /Summer 1994.

      Co-editor with Anthony Roche, Irish University Review: Special Issue on Eavan Boland Spring/Summer 1993.


Films and Documentaries

      “The American Love Lyric: Interview with Jack Gilbert.” Lannan Foundation: Readings and Conversations Video Series. Running time 60 minutes. Los Angeles: Lannan Foundation, 1997.

      Consultant. Paula Meehan: Living the Craft. Documentary film.  Dir. Elaine Crowley. Institute of Art, Design and Technology. 2009.





CURRÍCULUM (para más información véase )
Mary O’Donnell es una de las escritoras más importantes y prestigiosas de la Irlanda contemporánea. Poeta, novelista, autora de relatos cortos y ensayista, ha publicado hasta la fecha seis volúmenes de poesía, dos colecciones de cuentos y tres novelas, entre las que destaca The Light-Makers, considerada por The Sunday Tribune como la mejor novela irlandesa del año 1992. Ha recibido numerosos premios dada su trayectoria literaria, tales como The William Aillingham Award, The Listowel Writers’ Week Award, Hennessy Award. O’Donnell ha estado dos veces nominada para el prestigioso premio de poesía Irish Times/Aer Lingus Literary Award. 
Reading the Sunflowers in September (The Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare, Salmon, 1991)
Spiderwoman’s Third Avenue Rhapsody (Salmon Poetry, 1993)
Unlegendary Heroes (Salmon Publishing, 1998)
September Elegies (Belfast, Lapwing Publications, 2003)
The Place of Miracles: New & Selected Poems (Dublin, New Island Books, 2006)
The Ark Builders (Todmorden, UK, Arc Publications, 2009). 
Strong Pagans (Dublin, Poolebeg, 1991)
Storm Over Belfast (New Island Books, 2008) 

The Light-Makers (Poolebeg, 1992)
Virgin and the Boy (Poolebeg, 1996)
The Elysium Testament (London, Trident Press, 1999). 


O’Donnell, Mary. “Irish Women and Writing: An Overview of the Jourey from Imagination into Print, 1980-2008”. Writing Bonds: Irish and Galician Contemporary Women Poets. Eds. Manuela Palacios and Laura Lojo. Oxford, Bern, Berlin: Peter Lang, 2009. 155-174.

Irish University Review, Special Issue – “Eavan Boland: In Her Own Image: An Assertion that Myths are made by Men, by the Poet in Transition”; Irish University Review, 1994; this essay is excerpted in the Eavan Boland Sourcebook, Editor Jody Allen Randolph, 2006.

Rough Hands and a Sick Culture”: The Irish Writer and Cultural Tourism; Irish University Review, Autum/Winter 1995

“O Magnificent Why! Spatial Nosing: Introduction to Eithne Strong’s Collected Poetry”, Salmon, 1991.


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