Seminar on preparing your TFM (Trabajo Fin de Máster) by prof. P. Guijarro, Univ. Plymouth

 Tuesday 24th May and Friday 27th May, 11:00-13:00, Neil McLaren Room, (5th floor new building Facultad Filosofía y Letras).  THEORY MEETS PRACTICE IN APPLIED LINGUISTICS/LANGUAGE ACQUISITION: HOW TO
DESCRIPTION: The proposed seminar will be delivered in a number of different formats (i.e., lecture and hands-on sessions) on several thematic areas and is designed as a series of practical sessions intended to provide guidance to masters students in the preparation for their written thesis (TFM).The seminar will be made up of a series of theoretical and practical sessions based on existent applied linguistic research drawing on examples of current studies in English as a second and/or foreign language, together with other examples from research conducted on the different bilingual communities in Spain and beyond. FIRST PART: During the first part of the course, some practical sessions in a lecture format will be directed towards students' preparation of their written work addressing any problems and providing an overview on how to structure and tackle all methodological aspects including, but not limited, to how to set research questions, selection of participants pool and coding and analysis of data. SECOND PART: During the second part of the course, in more tutorial guided sessions students will be provided with the opportunity to discuss and present their own current work/progress to Prof. Guijarro-Fuentes with the objective of guiding them towards their successful completion of their thesis. In sum, students will have the opportunity to present their own ONGOING research in applied linguistics/language acquisition.
  OVERALL AIM: The overall aim of the course is to further enhance students their skills on how to prepare their TFM in applied linguistics; even though the aim is to focus on English as a second/foreign language, examples will be drawn from other second language and bilingual scenarios.  Prof Dr. P Guijarro-Fuentes (University of Plymouth UK)  Prof. Guijarro-Fuentes' research interests are in the interdisciplinary field of second language acquisition (Spanish applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and bilingualism). His main current research projects include, amongst others, the study of spatial prepositions by L2 learners, project funded by the British Academy and the Art and Humanities Research Council and more recently the study of the ways in which family migrants to Europe (including and comparing UK and Germany) evaluate and negotiate their experiences of migration socially and linguistically funding by the DFG (Germany).     

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