“Reformulating bilingualism through translanguaging: social and pedagogical implications for the classroom”, lecture by Josh Prada, Texas Tech University, 14/11/2016

  • Lunes bilingualism14 de noviembre, 12:30 h.
  • Facultad de ciencias de la Educacion (aula Andres Manjón)


An important shift in the field of applied linguistics is taking place, and with it, researchers and practitioners alike are beginning to adopt a holistic stance on bilingualism. At the core of this shift, the notion of translanguaging refers to the use of two or more languages in meaningful social interaction. However, translating translanguaging theory to pedagogical practice is challenging; it requires the reconceptualization of old views of what languages are, how language must be used, when, and by whom. More often than not, these old views perpetuate the idea that languages must be kept separate, neglecting the possibilities of making bilingualism within (and beyond) the classroom. In this talk, I address the emerging framework of translanguaging and expand on directions to implement it in the bilingual classroom. To that end, I will begin by introducing the notion of translanguaging and its cognitive and socio-affective dimensions. Secondly, I will reformulate it within the bilingual classroom setting. Finally, examples and directions to adopt a translanguaging approach to bilingual education will be provided.

Josh de la Rosa-Prada (Ph.D Candidate, Texas Tech University) is a Helen DeVitt Jones fellow and a researcher in the Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition Lab at Texas Tech University, where he teaches undergraduate courses. His interests lie in the broad area of bilingualism, and include heritage language acquisition and development, social cognition in minority communities, and heritage language pedagogy. As a doctoral candidate in linguistics, his thesis looks at identity processes in adult heritage language learners. In 2016 he received the Horn Professors Doctoral Achievement Award for his work in bilingualism. Josh is a member of the editorial board of ´Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts´ (John Benjamins) and has presented his work nationally and internationally in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland.

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