«From metaphor to allegory: the Japanese manga Afuganisu-tan» by Charles Forceville & Vanessa Cornevin (24/3/2017, 11:00, Sala de reuniones, Ed. Musicología)

Afuganisu-tan is an online manga by Timaking, published in English online in 2005, that presents selected historical events of modern Afghanistan in a series of 29 episodes plus an appendix. An episode consists of a four-panel micro-narrative in which Afghanistan and the countries with which its history is intertwined are consistently personified as young girls.

Each manga episode is accompanied by a short, textual “memo” describing historical events in a neutral, factual way. Forceville & Cornevin  (1) propose that the extended personification of Afghanistan and other countries in this manga can be understood not just in terms of multimodal metaphor, but in terms of “allegory”; (2) sketch and evaluate how the manga part affects the construal of the country’s history; (3) consider some of the consequences of combining the manga part with memo text for the informative and educational value of Afuganisu-tan.



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