«Scherbenpark» (2013) Dir. Bettina Blümner, dentro del ciclo «Grenz (Über) Gänge» (Cruzando fronteras / Crossing borders). 11/4/2017, 17:30 h. Aula Magna, Fac. Filosofía y Letras

Este jueves 11/5/2017 continúa «Grenz (Über) Gänge» (Cruzando fronteras / Crossing borders), el ciclo de cine alemán en V.O.S., organizado por el Dpto. de Filologías Inglesa y Alemana en colaboración con el Goethe Institut, el DAAD y la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.

Se proyectará la película Scherbenpark (2013) de la directora Bettina Blümner.
Sinopsis: Sascha is determined to kill her stepfather, Vadim, who murdered her mother, but with Vadim in prison and social workers hovering, Vadim’s cousin, Maria, arrives to care for Sascha and her younger stepsiblings. A puff piece in the local paper about Vadim’s supposed reformation sends a livid Sascha to the newspaper office, where she meets Volker Trebur, an editor who, having briefly known Sascha’s mother, offers to make things right. Sascha quickly takes him up on the offer, moving in to Volker’s guestroom and beginning an intense involvement with Volker’s family—particularly his teenage son. When that flames out, Sascha ends up in broken glass park, the dangerous area in her neighborhood where drugs, booze, and rough sex prevail. Sascha’s hunger for life shines through her relentless fight to leave behind a painful childhood—a struggle complicated by an unexpected twist in the final act—making for a stark, moving tale of resiliency and survival.    (Fuente: La Vanguardia)



Ficha técnica (fuente: FILMAFFINITY):
Dirección: Bettina Blümner
Guión y dirección: Katharina Kress (Novela: Alina Bronsky)
Música: Ali N. Askin
Fotografía: Mathias Schöningh
Reparto: Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Ulrich Noethen, Max Hegewald, Vladimir Burlakov,Yanina Lisovskaya, Cedric Koch, Lara Melina Siebertz, Maria-Victoria Dragus,Konstantin Frolov
Duración: 94 min.

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